Most embarrassing moment!

I’m slightly ashamed to even be putting my most embarrassing patient story in writing.  I’m sure that this many years later I should not be completely embarrassed to share it.

Well, to be honest it’s more like a traumatic series of events that started to unfold around 2 A.M.  I was not a third shift employee and neither was my partner I was scheduled with for the evening. Lets just say that was trouble enough. For those of you that are not women it may need to be explained that when you are up past your normal bed time you tend to get a little…or a lot giddy.

We got a call for a portable chest x-ray on a patient in the E.R. so we put on our lead vests and I went to grab the portable machine while my partner in crime went to the patient bay with the film to meet me there. As I rounded the corner with the machine I could see my partner curling her lips in trying not to laugh, and then naturally I looked to see what was so funny. Our patient was approximately 70 years old and had on a big bushy black wig that had slid off to the side of her head. Now on a normal day (not 2 A.M.) this wouldn’t have been so funny. But at this point in the morning it had us both avoiding eye contact as to remain professional.

The patient was very unresponsive so we needed to help adjust the stretcher to get an optimal film.  We got the head of the stretcher up slightly and noticed the patient had a bra on under her gown.  My partner helped hold the gown away from the patient’s body while I unclasped the bra for removal. Very carefully I removed her arm from the bra, I reached over to start to remove the other arm when her breast fell off! Like the whole bra, including the breast fell off and forward. I was totally in shock, my partner who was already almost in tears was crouched behind the bed laughing because of the expression on my face. I was completely mortified…how does one just loose a breast! I quickly re-gowned the patient with the bra…..and what my slow to engage brain realized were mastectomy bra inserts out of the way.

I was already humiliated and of course the nurse walked in and saw me frantically putting the patient back together.  She asked me if everything was okay.  Of course it was not okay! I was completely blind sided by this womans boobs falling off.  But naturally I told her everything was okay, and let her know that I needed to remove the patient’s bra for the x-ray. After the nurse left I made eye contact with my partner….big mistake. I at this point had to leave my machine in the room and walk out for a minute. I was making no sound…but I was laughing so hard I had streams of tears rolling down cheeks.

We did end up getting our film and I did confess my boob incident to the nurse who thankfully found the story as funny as we did.

So I fessed up……what embarrassing moment radiology stories do you have?

-The X-Ray Chic

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3 Responses to “Most embarrassing moment!”

  1. Bottomless says:

    Hi, Can i take a one small photo from your blog?

  2. elmer says:

    hello, i just got here by accident i think and found this a very interesting blog, i am a radiology student from Peru, i wanted to congratulate you for your blog and telmy story, actually not mine, it’s from my partner’s mom, who is also a technologist, she was performing a colon barium exam(i’m not sure if it’s mispelled, sorry for my english it’s not perfect yet) and while this, her pacient had a “boner”and she could notice that through the hospital clothes the pacients was wearing, she got embarrased but i think he was probably more and what she did was press the enema to insert air, that caused some pain and his penis went back to normal, what a shame.

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