Every year I anxiously await our annual trip to Chicago for the RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting.  Deb, my partner in crime, and I always leave the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving and stay until Monday night.

We stopped for some coffee and bagels at Biggby Coffee and began our journey to the Windy City!  We made it to Chicago’s Double Tree hotel in record time and were ready to hit the town.

First we took a cab to the Cheesecake Factory where we were meeting our students for lunch.  We found immediate seating at the bar and opted to not wait 45 minutes to get a table.  We encountered the most fantastic wait staff, and even more amazing food and drinks.  After sharing agendas with our students we parted ways to enjoy some shopping in the city.

Later that night we had a late dinner at the Adobo Grill.  They had the most delicious guacamole, and they make it fresh right at your table.  We ordered a few appetizers to share, and enjoyed the best margaritas in the world!

Back at the hotel we had a small mishap on the elevator.  I must’ve enjoyed my margaritas a little to much because I had a case of the giggles :)  We entered the elevator and had two other guests on with us.  The man had just checked in and had a very fresh complimentary chocolate chip cookie in his hand.  I was trying very hard not to look at anyone, but I noticed that Deb was looking right at his cookie quite longingly.  I tried not to laugh, but as I was thinking to myself “if she looks at the cookie one more time” she looked right at it again right as the man held the cookie to his nose and drew in a deep breath.

I completely lost it! Nothing like a grown woman trying to hold back laughing and not doing a very good job at it.  I was crying I was laughing so hard, and that poor man had no idea why.  I ran off the elevator to try and save some dignity and retreated to our room.  We continued to laugh about the whole “cookie” situation for at least an hour.  So, sorry to the cookie man….but that was some of the best laughter I’ve had in a long time!

Monday morning we got up and headed to the McCormick Place for the RSNA meeting.  We some how managed to park in lot A which is the furthest lot away from registration where we had to meet our group of students.  On my broken foot I hobbled through two buildings and 2 crosswalks at a snails pace and ended up being significantly late to meet the students.  They were very understanding, and even offered to push me around in a wheel chair all day.  I declined the generous offer and instead opted for a motorized set of wheels.  I zoomed around on my motor scooter and was able to enjoy the meeting.

I downloaded the RSNA android application and found it quite helpful for finding different vendor locations.  I used it several times to find out what hall vendors where in.

We stopped at some really fantastic booths, and got to meet a lot of people that worked in different aspects of imaging.  One of our first stops was at booth #6612 Massaging Insoles where I picked up a pair for myself.  They are like walking on air! I was very impressed with their sales team, as well as their product.  Well done!

Carestream and Siemens had HUGE but fantastic displays this year with digital screens displaying their information.  They also had very friendly and welcoming sales teams.

We also stopped at the America Roengten Ray Society‘s booth and picked up an application.  They offer some continuing education credit classes, amongst other member benefits.

Enjoyed some good conversation with the Bob’s at Newmatic Medical.  They showed us how they design things so they can go into the MRI room and not be pulled in the magnet.

One of my favorite stops was at the Aycan Digital booth.  Stephan Popp was so kind, he gave us a demo of their new Ipad application.  It was incredibly user friendly!

We talked with the team at Block Imaging International to discuss our need for a teaching OEC C-Arm for the student lab.  The staff were phenomenal! They have an office near our school and discussed some different options they have for meeting our needs.  They offer new and refurbished equipment.

We also stopped by the ASRT, and AEIRS booth.  They had some great information available for educators.

The RSNA was much busier this year, and was full of energy.  Thank you to all the vendors and all the hard work the RSNA staff put into this huge event.  It was much appreciated!

See you next year!

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2 Responses to “RSNA 2010…X-RAY CHIC STYLE!”

  1. Stephan Popp says:


    thank you for stopping at our booth. We received a lot of positive feedback for our Teleradiology iPad App.
    Here is a demovideo for those who couldn’t see it live.–Cf4k

    Greetings from Germany.

    Stephan Popp

  2. Wow, thanks so much for the compliments about the Block Imaging staff! I will be sure to tell Josh Block and the rest of the team about your blog post.

    If you or anyone needs a refurbished C-Arm please let us know!

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