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Julie Irving, RT (R)(M)(CT), CPC

Through the years working as a radiologic technologist, and teaching in the field of radiography I have kept my eyes and ears open for stories of people that have done amazing things with their skill set.  I have been known to say “be a master of your craft, whatever that may be”.  I was very [...]

Diagnostic Radiology Technique Chart

Use This Technique Chart As A Guide To Setting Proper mAs And kVp In The Diagnostic Radiology Department.

Radiographic Positioning for the Oblique Hand

What does your Large Intestine look like?

What a fantastic technique! I will be adding this to my tricks, there’s no telling what this girl’s got up her sleeves :) Thanks JEREMY ENFINGER for your work!

Radiographic Positioning for the PA Hand


Contrast can have many different meanings even in radiography.  I will be describing image contrast. First let’s define image contrast:  Image contrast is the difference between adjacent densities.  The adjacent densities can range from white to black and various shades of grey in between. When describing contrast of adjacent densities that are greatly different, such as [...]


Density is a very important word, yet seems to be one of the most difficult to understand.  I hope this will help clear things up. First, let’s start with the definition of Density.  Density:  One of the photographic properties that comprise visibility of detail; the degree of overall blackening of the film. Optimal density for human visibility is [...]

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